South Placer Fire District has been an ambulance transport provider since 1962; EMS is delivered to the community at the highest level possible within the Districts exclusive operating area providing for a seamless fire based advanced life support response on the engine and the ambulance. The District has both an automatic aid agreement and a mutual aid agreement with American Medical Response (AMR) to cover each other’s areas in times of increased call activity. This agreement has been beneficial to both agencies and the District values this cooperative working relationship.

To request ambulance billing and/or patient care reports, please email records@webillems.com. 

CPR Classes

The District provides American Heart Association certified CPR classes. The CPR classes provide basic CPR instruction. All instructors are certified by the American Heart Association. Heartsaver, Professional Rescuer, and Hands Only lay person CPR classes are taught to the public by our trained instructors.

South Placer Fire Protection District is pleased to provide public CPR classes. Classes will be held at the SPFD headquarters Station #17 at 6900 Eureka Rd in the training room. All Granite Bay citizens are invited to take part anyone that lives are works in Granite Bay is encouraged to take this course. You will learn and be certified in Adult, Child and Infant CPR, as well as Choking emergencies and introduction to AED (automated external defibrillators). Classes will be held quarterly, and the cost is $5 for certification (the District does not accept cash please pay by check). Certification is through the American Heart Association lasts two years and is taught by your SPFD firefighters.

Studies show that effective CPR right away improves survival from cardiac arrest. Most cardiac arrest happens outside the hospital, where bystander CPR is important. The bystanders’ actions make up three of the four links in the “Chain of Survival”. The first link is early access or detection- call 911. The second link is early CPR. The third link is early defibrillation- use the AED, and the fourth link is early advanced care- provided by the fire department. Our fire department members have realized the benefits of bystander assistance on many occasions.

For every minute of cardiac arrest, a person’s chances of recovery decreases by 10% without CPR. You can learn to bridge the gap between notifying 911 and the fire departments arrival sometimes increasing survival chances by up to 50%. You can make a difference, and the first step is learning CPR. You never know when you might need to use the CPR skills you learn for someone you know or even one of your loved ones.

All interested parties may contact Katrina Hoop at 916-791-7059 or by e-mail at khoop@southplacerfire.org.

Each class is limited to 20 participants.