Public Education

A public education program is provided through the Community Risk Reduction Division. The objective of the program is to educate high-risk segments of the population on ways they can reduce or eliminate the risk of personal injury and/or property damage from fire and other emergencies. A public education contact is defined as communication with a citizen of the community wherein information is exchanged regarding public services.

The District understands that a large part of fire prevention is public education and manages public education opportunities through the CRR Division. Every customer contact is an opportunity to educate the public to some aspect of reducing the risk to the community we serve. The District looks for opportunities to inform the public daily of the hazards that could affect their lives through the use of our fire prevention trailer, station sign board messages, website design and daily interaction with the public. On a regular basis the District participates in school fire evacuation drills, schedules station tours, and conducts engine company prevention activities. The District works in conjunction with CHP and PCSO on larger public education events that include National Night Out, Every Fifteen Minutes, and Day with a Deputy. The District also educates the public and participates in multiple parades, community association events, EMS week, and National Fire Prevention Month.