South Placer Fire Station 15 Expansion



South Placer Fire Station 15 is located at 4650 E. Roseville Pkwy. Granite Bay, CA. 95746 and is in need of major repairs.


South Placer Fire Station 15 was originally built in 1987. This station is now 31 years old and was originally constructed with residential construction, housing one firefighter. Since 1987 we have significantly changed in terms of staffing, equipment, and F/F safety. There are now three firefighters on duty providing service from a station that has a myriad of design issues and inadequacies. In its current condition, this station does not meet code requirements, does not offer adequate storage capacity for apparatus, and does not provide for F/F safety.

This station was originally built like a residential home. Overtime, being used as a public safety building, many service limiting issues have arisen. The lot is also a hub for the Treelake Subdivision utilities that consist of an AT&T underground vault on the South/East corner of the lot, an electrical box on the South/West corner and a massive water main pipe that spans the entire North property line. All of these utilities come with easements that constrict the building envelope. Due to the increased needs of the area and adding more firefighters and equipment to the Station, an expansion and remodel of the existing station is needed.

The station living quarters is currently 1,545 square feet (SF) the remodel plan accounts for up to a 771 SF addition for a possible 2,316 SF living quarters. The current existing apparatus bays are 1,805 SF which limits the amount of apparatus that can be stored at the facility. The remodel plans show an additional 604 SF of apparatus bay for a total possible 2,409 SF of apparatus bay space. This project is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of the 2018/19 budget year.

In 2013 the District began looking into F/F safety and how we can make this station a better design. We came up with a design plan to build an enclosed exercise room in the apparatus room, with a mezzanine for equipment storage. This would protect the firefighters from the harmful diesel exhaust while working out. The design also included an expansion of the dayroom and kitchen to promote a better atmosphere for healthier living. Healthier diets and physical fitness are key to a firefighter’s success.

In 2016 the station design committee re-evaluated the station design changes and determined that it just did not cover all of the issues we face with this facility. It did not:

  1. Solve the maintenance issues with roof leaks, dry rot, sewer drainage, and apparatus storage.
  2. Bring the station up to code for the fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, or ADA.
  3. Provide for a better training site.

The committee went back to the drawing board and re-designed a fire station that addresses all of our concerns. The first thing we looked at was the allowable building envelope and determined how much expansion we could do with the existing easements and decided on the following:

  1. Expand the living area to include the exercise room, opening up the apparatus bays and relocating the exercise equipment away from the diesel exhaust.
  2. Install an exhaust removal system that connects directly to the apparatus and eliminates approximately 80% of all exhaust.
  3. Expand the length of the apparatus bays to allow for more apparatus parking.
  4. Widen the existing 12’ doors to 14’, allowing better turning radius for the drive-thru bays.
  5. Provide for additional parking to the North.
  6. Update the fire sprinkler system to NFPA13 standards.
  7. Install a monitored fire alarm system compliant with NFPA 72 standards.
  8. Update the access, entry, and bathrooms to ADA compliance.
  9. Add an additional room for Library/Study and possible 4th sleeping room.
  10. Install a new fire hydrant to supply the fire sprinkler system and provide training opportunities.
  11. Re-design the entire roof to eliminate water damage issues.
  12. Replace dry rot wood siding with new exterior stucco.
  13. Update appliances in dayroom, kitchen, and restrooms.
  14. Address the improper drainage to prevent interior flooding when the system backs up.

This new design addresses all of our concerns and will ensure that the facility will last another 40 years.

Effective May 24, 2018 the construction phase of this project will begin, and all staff will be relocated to South Placer Fire Station 16 located at 5300 Olive Ranch Rd. Station 15 is projected to re-open, January 2019.

In preparation for this project, South Placer Fire District will utilize the existing automatic aid agreement with Roseville Fire Department to assist with emergency responses in the Treelake area, as well as, responses from South Placer Fire Stations 17 and 16 as appropriate.

For questions or concerns, please contact South Placer Fire District Administration at (916)791-7059