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Fire prevention services include plan checks, fire protection systems inspections, code enforcement, public education and community outreach programs. You will need to submit plans and inspections beforehand.


In addition, all businesses receive engine company fire and life safety inspections once every two years. All occupancies classified as assemblies, educational and institutional receive yearly fire inspections.


Effective immediately, three (3) sets of plans are required for projects located within the incorporated Town of Loomis. Two (2) sets of plans are required for projects in unincorporated areas.


Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.


Fee Schedule – Inspections, Permits, Plan Reviews:


New Development fees increased on July 1, 2023


Please call the Administrative Office for information on paying mitigation fees, (916) 791-7059


Application Forms – Plan Reviews & Propane Tank Permits:



Processes, Guidelines & Requirements