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South Placer Fire District Announces Major Operational Changes

Reduces station count, reallocates staff and eliminates specialized fire truck due to budget constraints


Placer County, Calif., Sept. 22, 2022 – South Placer Fire Protection District (SPFD) has announced that it will be making several operational changes that will directly impact the communities it serves within Placer County. The changes, which will go into effect on Saturday, Sept. 24, will include the following:


  • Closure of Station 19, located at 7070 Auburn Folsom Road. Reallocation of personnel to other stations.
  • Closure of Station 15, located at 4650 East Roseville Parkway but relocating personnel and operation to the previously closed Station 16, located at 5300 Olive Ranch Road, for better service from just four operating stations.
  • A specialized truck – used for search and rescue efforts, fire ventilation, and salvage operations – will be removed from service until additional funding becomes available.


SPFD serves the communities of Granite Bay, Loomis, and the southern areas of Penryn and Newcastle – covering approximately 55 square miles, with a growing population of 42,000. SPFD is not funded by the County or the State and instead relies on funding from a small portion of property taxes and a static special tax paid by each property owner. Inflation, rising public safety concerns, wildfire risk, and increased state-mandated safety standards have caused the District’s operational costs to increase faster than revenues.


During a recent benefits assessment campaign, the District advised the community that its revenue from these funding sources was insufficient to continue operating at the existing service level. The combination of these complex events has resulted in the need for the District to make changes to operate within its allocated budget.


The recent unsuccessful property benefit assessment measure would have increased the District’s funding, allowed additional fire protection and emergency response services within the District, and helped offset its increasing operational costs. The District will continue to reevaluate all aspects of performance and make additional changes, as needed, within its current budget constraints.


About South Placer Fire District 

South Placer Fire District responds to more than 3,500 service calls per year, including structure, wildland, vehicle, and all other types of fires in its service area. Advanced life support (ALS) medical care, vehicle crashes, rescue emergencies, public service calls, and hazardous material response (at the first responder level) are also part of the services provided. Additionally, SPFD provides fire prevention, community education, emergency preparedness, and other services relating to protecting lives and property. The District is governed by an elected, independent, seven-member Board of Directors.


For questions or concerns regarding station closures, please call South Placer Fire District at 916-791-7059 or email